Bloodpressure, ABI und "CAVI" (Cardio-Ankle-Vascular-Index)

The Vasera VS-2000 delivers 3 examination’s in one Unit:

Bloodpressure, ECG and Vasculas Stiffnes are the basis of a complete diagnosis for the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases.

The 12-Channel ECG Modul complete’s the cardio-vascular diagnostic in one workflow

  • easy measurement in only 5 Min
  • Considered puls wave velocity (PWV) and  stiffness-index
  • Reliably measures the ankle-arm blood index ABI (Ankle-Brachial Blood Pressure Index)
  • Determines the biological age of the arteries compared to the actual age
  • Measures ECG, heart sound & blood pressure at the same time
  • integrated,  high-resolution LCD-display
  • Compact and space-saving design, as a desktop or with a car
  • WiFi connection to PC and printer
  • Dimensions Basic equipment (B x T x H) : 17,8 x 18,1 x 31,5 cm
    Dimensions Display (B x T x H) : 29,7 x 9,6 x 21,0 cm
    weight: 14 kg
  • VS-2000 data sheet  PDF