What is X-halo?

The X-halo is a portable temperature sensing device designed to measure in the individual with asthma, exhaled breath temperature (EBT), which has been found in studies to correlate with other validated markers of airway inflammation, namely, sputum eosinophils and exhaled nitric oxide.

How will it help?

It is now well recognized that asthma is an inflammatory disorder and as such our approach to therapy has changed with the current focus on asthma management aimed at reducing and controlling the inflammation. Yet, today what is lacking is a simple, affordable device to assist the clinician in everyday practice to assess the inflammatory status of asthma patients in the clinic and/or at home. Exhaled breath temperature (EBT) measurement with the X-halo may change this situation.

Advantages of X-halo Use in Asthma

  • Simple to use and immediate results
  • Direct assessment of airway inflammation status
  • Enhanced decision making on objective treatment modalities
  • Home monitoring is possible at the discretion of a physician

Areas of Application for X-halo Patient Care

  • Assessment of asthma control on subsequent visits to the physican’s office
  • Daily monitoring of asthma control at the patients’ homes
  • Predict the onset of respiratory viral infections in patients at risk


  • Field epidemiological studies
  • Clinical trials comparing anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Pilot studies beyond asthma and COPD
  • Pilot studies outside of pulmonary medicine

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