AeroEclipse II Breath Actuated Nebulizer

The new and unique AeroEclipse II BAN offers bronchial provocation and the following benefits:

  • Exact threshold determination PD20 according the new ERS Guidelines 2017 (see linked documents below)
  • Exact and constant Dose administration independant from inhale/exhale ratio (see pictures in poster below)
  • Time based nebulisation only during inhalation, therefor patient independent. See product video: Bronchoprovokation mit AeroEclipse II
  • Needs only Benötigt nur compressed air connection without additional device and dosimeter compressors
  • Maintenance free
  • Exact therapie for patients
  • Tested and already in use at Swiss University clinics
  • Low costs at only CHF 14.90 per nebulizer kit

Study results with ERS Guidelines 2017 and poster: