BIA 101 Anniversary Sport Edition

  • The most advanced development within the Akern family of Bio-impedance Analyzers, the BIA 101 Anniversary features the unique combination of whole body and segmental analysis including a bilateral, side-by-side comparison of extremities.

    • Whole body analysis of body composition
    • Additional segmental analysis with
      • Bilateral comparison
      • Comparison of arm/leg – right/left
      • Upper and lower body
    • Soft Tissue Analysis without entry of patient data
    • Direct display of body composition results
    • Unique evaluation of nutritional and hydration state with Bodygram PLUS

    Introduced at the 25th anniversary of its legendary predecessor, the Akern BIA 101, the BIA 101 Anniversary impresses with top accuracy and resolution, best suited for clinical and scientific applications. In addition to classical whole body composition analysis, BIA 101 Anniversary offers a segmental determination of body compartments and a side-by-side comparison of the extremitiesallowing objective therapy control and training guidance (fostering of bilateral muscle growth, avoidance of asymmetrical development).
    Incorporating the most modern electronic design based on more than 30 years of experience in BIAtechnology, BIA 101 Anniversary offers an unprecedented accuracy in BIA analysis. The integration of signal processing provides an immediate display of BIA results, in addition to PC based evaluation.

    BIA 101 Anniversary is accompanied by the complete program package Bodygram PLUS for whole body and segmental analysis.

    Especially appreciated in acute care medicine, the instrument also allows an instantaneous assessment of the clinical most relevant BIA parameters by ‘Soft Tissue Analysis’ without entry of any data, directly read off the integrated instrument display, without the need of a PC.

    Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis

    see Bodygram PLUS

    Segmental Analysis

    • Right and left arm
    • Right and left leg
    • Right and left body side
    • Upper and lower body

    Soft Tissue Analysis

    • Without entry of personal data, instantaneous display of:
      • BCM [kg]
      • ECW [%]
      • BodyFit Index
      • BMR
      • RDNA [kJ, kcal]

    BIA 101 Anniversary Specifications

    • Dimensions (instrument):approx. 20×15×5 cm
    • Weight: approx. 0.5 kg
    • Sensor current: 0.4 mAmp constant at 50 kHz
    • Battery: Lithium-Ion, rechargeable
    • Operation (uninterrupted): up to 6 hours
    • Measuring range Resistance: 0-999 Ohms
    • Measuring range Reactance: 0-100 Ohms
    • Display: LCD backlit
    • Auto switch-off
    • USB port

    CE 0051 Class II A according to EU norms 93/42/CEE, EN 60601-1-2, EN 46000, EN 55011, ENV50140, IEC 1000-4-3; Degree of protection: Instrument with internal power supply Type B

    Scope of Delivery

    • Main device
    • Tetrapolar electrode cable set for whole body tests
    • Optional octopolar electrode cable set for segmental tests
    • Charger
    • USB cable for data exchange
    • Test circuit
    • Bodygram PLUS software
    • 100 BIA electrodes
    • Transport case