AKERN Devices

All our BIA instruments are delivered with a most complete set of accessories, such as electrode cable set, pack of electrodes, transport case or bag, charger, test circuit, CD with BIA software including a life-time software licence.

comparison of BIA instruments offered by SMT medical can be found here.

BIA 101

BIA 101   The BIA Legend

The bio-impedance classic offers comprehensive, medically validated body composition analysis.  » Continue…


BIA 101 Anniversary

BIA 101 Anniversary   The progression of the BIA 101

In addition to the standard whole body composition analysis, the “Anniversary” also offers partial and segmental Body composition analysis, e.g. of single extremities. » Continue…


BodyComp MF Hexa

BodyComp MF Hexa

The professional, competitively priced model for nutrition counselling, weight management, personal training, fitness, and medical wellness. » Continue…