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Bio-Electric Impedance Analysis and Evaluation Software

In many areas of medicine, from nephrology to oncology, in sports science, fitness, medical wellness, in nutrition, weight management and lifestyle counselling Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA)has become an established diagnostic modality. Determination of body composition, particularly cell, muscle and fat mass in just a few seconds and without any discomfort for the tested individual makes BIA a valuable tool in research and for therapy guidance. In addition to evaluating the nutritional state of the test person, BIA also allows insight into the hydration state by determining intracellular and often more relevant extracellular fluid.

As a part of the BodyGram PLUS software, advanced BIA analysis offers a direct evaluation of hydration and nutrition status at one glance. This unique combination allows a medically validated and clinically proven interpretation, even in difficult situations, independent of co-predictors (weight, age, gender) which are required in classical BIA for the assessment of body compartments. With BodyGram PLUS anabolic and catabolic changes, hydration impairments (edema, ascites, cardiac insufficiency), as well as clinically relevant but not always apparent modifications in the fluid compartments can be diagnosed, followed and documented.

We offer only and exclusively medically certified BIA instruments for the professional, medical, and scientific application. An established pioneer, BIA 101 enjoys a legendary reputation as our reference class device, validated according to worldwide gold standards in bio-impedance. In combination with the BodyGram® software, BIA101 can be applied in all settings, calling for valid and proven BIA results .

Besides whole body testing, BIA 101 Anniversary also offers a segmental or partial bio-impedance analysis. With the BodyScan module BIA parameters can be derived from upper/lower body, right or left side, or even the single extremities. As part of the “Soft Tissue Analysis” the instrument also includes the point-of-care measurement of clinically most relevant BIA parameters without entry of patient data, a method of choice in an emergency setting or where body weight is not accessible. Due to its integrated processor the Anniversary can be operated stand alone, with or without PC.

The medically certified, entry level BodyComp MF Hexa is best suited in nutrition counselling, weight management, personal training fitness, and medical wellness, wherever the quality of results and a solid body composition beyond pure “fat measurement” matters.

Complete, Operation Ready BIA Solutions

All our BIA instruments are delivered with a most complete set of accessories, such as electrode cable set, pack of electrodes, transport case or bag, charger, test circuit, CD with BIA software including a life-time software licence.

comparison of BIA instruments offered by SMT medical can be found here.

BIA 101

BIA 101   The BIA Legend

The bio-impedance classic offers comprehensive, medically validated body composition analysis.  » Continue…


BIA 101 Anniversary

BIA 101 Anniversary   The progression of the BIA 101

In addition to the standard whole body composition analysis, the “Anniversary” also offers partial and segmental Body composition analysis, e.g. of single extremities. » Continue…


BodyComp MF Hexa

BodyComp MF Hexa

The professional, competitively priced model for nutrition counselling, weight management, personal training, fitness, and medical wellness. » Continue…